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Solar Thermal - Converting daylight energy into hot water

A solar Thermal system converts daylight energy from the sun and converts this energy into hot water; this can dramatically reduce the cost of heating the water in your home, office and is proving effective in commercial and industrial application also. There could be incentives backed by the government to assist in your purchase and installation of Solar Thermal and all green energy backed solutions helping the government meet carbon reduction targets
Solar Thermal is a viable, sustainable and highly efficient way of using renewable energy from the sun to provide hot water for residential, office, commercial and industrial installations.
Utilising radiation from the sun, liquid filled tubes known as solar collectors integrated in the panels absorb this daylight solar energy which is then converted to heat the water through pipe work connected to a hot water storage cylinder.
In most cases a new specialist hot water storage cylinder may be required with a solar thermal installation.
If a new cylinder is required it would be connected to the conventional boiler to ensure that there is sufficient hot water available during the winter when a solar thermal system is not as efficient as in the summer months.